Monday, May 30, 2016

Warm Fuzzies and Progress

There's nothing like getting a warm fuzzy to keep one motivated to reach a goal.
On Saturday, Keith and I went to the market. I decided to do a few days of chicken, a pork recipe with a decent calorie count, and the Baja Lasagna again. 
So, I weighed myself not only on the scale outside the market, but also at the one near the pharmacy. That one is a "sit down" and weigh, blood pressure station. The scale outside the market is a huge "stand on" thing. 
The outside scale reported 244. What? One pound lost? In a month? Ha.
The BP/Weight station inside reported 239. Even though my start weight was weighed on the outside scale at 245, a conservative number would be about 248, give or take. My calculations (if the station inside is accurate) would be a weight loss of about 6 to 10 lbs. 
While we were loading groceries in the dinghy, a buddy of Keith's walked by. He watched me get in the dinghy and said, "you've lost weight". I was surprised. I had taken a look in the mirror when I had my shower, and I didn't notice or see any changes (a disappointing thing, I might add). I responded with a surprised, "you can tell?". He said, "oh yeah. You've lost weight". 
Woohoo! Progress! And it's showing, too. 
There's nothing like a warm fuzzy to keep one motivated to achieve a goal.

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