Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas coming up, Can I still maintain?

I went to the store yesterday and did a weigh-in. I lost two more pounds and am now at 206. Just six pounds to my first goal, and 9 pounds to my half-way goal. 
We've had problems with our refrigeration system on the boat, so I had to put off my morning summer porridge. I have a glass of 100% pure juice in the a.m. or I make up a smoothie of Lo-fat choco milk (8 oz), vanilla yogurt (Chobani), a banana, chia seeds and a little ice. Sometimes, I add a teaspoon of pure maple syrup for a little more flavor.
I'm more busy now than before I started my eat-style program, so many days are no lunch days. Sometimes I will bring with me the fat-free flavored tuna packs with the crackers. If I'm at home, I will grab a burger bun with low cal mayo and a small pop-top can of tuna and make a sandwich.
Dinner is portioned controlled for chicken, pork, turkey meals. The turkey is usually ground turkey with a seasoning I got from Todd Wilbur's website. 
Snacks are my low-fat Lemon Meringue pudding cups, watermelon chunks, or the imitation crab bites. I also drink at least a bottle of water a day. About twice a month, Keith and I go out to the bar/restaurant for drinks and appetizers or dinner. I do portion control than, eating only half the dinner or a couple three of the appetizers, and sticking to light beer - no more than two - and I drink slowly. I usually skip lunch when I know we're going out.
So, even with all that, I'm still losing. 
So far, so good.