Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Dinner Dish

So, last night I made R.S.'s Baja Lasagna. Well, sort Keith missed getting the green chilies needed for the recipe. Uh oh....substitution time.
If you are like us (and I hope you aren't), a trip to the store is an all afternoon, slightly different affair than most people. Living on a boat, and not owning a car, we need to be creative in the way we do things when ashore. Such is the case with grocery shopping.
First, a list.....always a list. For living on a boat, the list is important as it keeps from overbuying for all that limited space. For losing weight, I make that list, than I go back and note items that I can save calories by marking low-fat, no fat, non fat, reduced fat.......well, you get the idea.
I also note on my list the exact measurement of what I need.....8 oz., 1 lb., etc. 
Controlled buying and controlled portions go hand in hand.
So, no green chilies, and he bought canned whole tomatoes instead of canned ready cut. I could have worked around that, but since I didn't have the chilies, I opted for a jar of mild Picante sauce. 
He also, with his eye sight as bad as it is right now, picked up regular shredded cheese instead of reduced calorie. Gotta work with what I got, now.
We both liked it. I portioned it out to the 8 servings it stated on the recipe, so we will be having it for the next 3 nights besides last night. 
This was also a no meat dish which didn't sit well with Keith until he ate it. Aside from the fact that he thought there were too many beans in it (I used Red Kidney, but pinto can be used, too), he thought it was good. We had lo-cal cottage cheese with it, too.
Tonight, I'll add a vegie with it, and fruit. Tomorrow, I'll do up the Spanish rice.
My plan for when the Baja Lasagna is gone, is to do a Turkey Meatloaf from R.S.'s Food Mover Cookbook. 
I sent Keith to the store for some of the ingredients.
I'll let you know if I have to modify the recipe or not.

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