Sunday, August 5, 2018


Betcha wondered what happened to me, huh? Or not.
Well, I went through a bit of a trying time after Irma and in my marriage. I left the Keys and spent 4 months in California. But I'm back now, and rarin' to go.
Yesterday I weighed in for the first time in months. I know after Irma I weighed in at 217. Yesterday, I weighed in at 210. Not too much damage, mostly due to, I think, regularly eating my yogurt with chia, and walking. Now, I need some intense focus to get back on track.
I think there's always drawbacks, stumbles, highs and lows when trying to make some kind of a lifestyle change. These are challenges to embrace. As long as the desire to accomplish is still there, the focus can be recovered.

Monday, March 12, 2018


Yesterday, was Seafood Fest here in the Keys, so Cap and I stopped in for an hour to pick up some of our favorite dip mixes, and have some seafood and a beer. Afterwards, we headed off to the grocery store.
To my surprise, they finally have a higi kiosk that worked (I think they replaced it). After three months of poking into the store to weigh-in and finding the dang machine out of order, I finally contacted higi and "let 'em have it". Especially since the repair guy had been out a few times (according to the Pharma clerk) and couldn't manage to repair it. 
And that brings up a pet peeve. Please, please, people. Treat those kiosks with kid gloves. I've seen people sit at them and treat those machines like they're infallible. They aren't. And don't let your kids play on them. 
So, to my disappointment. I discovered I had gained 17 pounds since Hurricane Irma. Crap. I know we didn't have good finances, and had to buy what we could afford at the store, but 17? Ugh!
But, things have changed now - our finances are better, and I'm getting over my depression from the drastic changes of Irma. Time to attack.
I'll be cutting out that red meat again, staying away from the processed crud, soda pop, sweets, etc.
Water, 100% juice, my low-fat Choco Milk (portion-controlled, of course) will be my drinks. Fruits and seafood bites will be my snacks. Summer porridge in the morning (or juice), low-cal tuna sandwich (on my Sandwich Thins) and fruit for lunch, and my meal prepped, portion-controlled dinner from R.S. recipes for dinner. 
I will use my DAL cards for 1800 calories/day, and I just bought a thighmaster knock-off to help with exercise.
I'm on it again.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

More Delays

Living on a boat, and losing weight can be a challenge at times.
Believe it or not, I'm still not quite back on my Eat-Style program. Just about the time I was ready to begin at 100%, our bank card was compromised. Because we have a complicated way of getting our mail, it has  been almost two weeks now. 
So, we've been feeding ourselves with as little cash going out as possible. Hopefully, this will end soon, and I'll be back on track again.
I did attempt a weigh-in at the HIGI at the grocery store a few weeks back, but the machine was messed up. It told me I weighed 121 lbs. Yeah....I wish!
I'll be going again for a second attempt once the card comes in.
I am back to my Summer Porridges for breakfast in the morning. That's a plus, as I put my Chia seeds in them. Love my Chia. I think it's one of my weight loss success tools. It helps with the loss, and helps with my health maintenance. 
Anyhow, as with the rest of the Country, it is cold here. So, I've been making a lot of cheap, hot comfort food. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

I Bet You Were Wondering

So, I bet you were wondering what happened to me.
Well, I'll tell you. An old blow hard, Sea Witch named Irma. Needless to say, my eat-style program, temporarily, went by the wayside.
I'm just now, sort of, getting back to it. Not quite there yet, and I haven't done a weigh-in since before the ole Sea Witch blew through, but I will get one done soon.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Well, that excitement over 189 was short-lived. I jumped back up to 193. I knew this was going to be a struggle from here on out. I imagine I'll be doing a lot of jumping up and down.
The weather hasn't helped at all. Extreme heat and humidity has kept me on the boat, in front of the fan, and not very active.
We'll see how the next weigh-in goes, as I am doubling my efforts until I get back on track.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Little More Gone

So, two days ago I did another weigh-in at higi. I am now down to 189 with 44 to go. That now makes 60 gone!
Now, I have a bit of complaining to do here, so if you don't want to hear it then stop reading now.
I'm not into health bars, health shakes, or energy drinks. However, Weight Watchers makes this snack called Salted Caramel Brownies. Way overpackaged for just 6 small, square brownies but soft so I could eat them.
Unfortunately, our store discontinued selling them.
Why are all the snack offerings at grocery stores for weight loss always items that are harder than a rock to chew? Everything seems to contain some kind of nut and they all advertise as crunchy. These Corps have no creative or imaginative skills at all.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Slow Going....But Going

Well, last time I weighed in was at 191. I'm not struggling with my eat-style program, but the pounds are really resisting eviction. Ha! I'll take them to court, if I have to! hahahaha
With Summer's arrival (hot weather and high humidity), my meals have gotten very simple. I have developed a smoothie I really like (low-fat choco milk, ice, vanilla greek yogurt, tablsp. PB2, Chia Seeds, 4 tblsp. old-fashioned oats, a banana, and about 6-7 white choco chips). I will have that about mid-morning or just before the noon hour. Sometimes, I will I have a glass of juice early in the a.m. I drink water during the day, and dinner is either a simple tuna sandwich of low-fat mayo with tuna straight from the can on Sandwich Thins or I buy a rotisserie chicken and put bbq sauce on sandwich thins with slices from the chicken, along with a cup of low-fat choco milk. Sometimes I will have about 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese with it, too. Snacks are my seafood bites, watermelon, a low calorie pudding cup, or a Weight Watchers salted caramel brownie. Not all at once - just my single choices for a snack.
I know I'm going to need to go to the gym soon to get on the stationary bike or treadmill, but the heat and finances at the moment are preventing it. I think when the finances become better, I'll go. The heat won't be a problem as I need to take a cab to the fitness center, and the center has a/c.