Friday, May 20, 2016

Sometimes, You Just Gotta Muddle Through The Day

Every so often (or maybe more often than not), the day just doesn't work out the way you planned it....or, in my case, the night.
I usually make up my summer porridge at night, when Keith is asleep and I can actually do it without me getting in his way and vice versa (it's a small boat). 
I had been diligently making them because we've been getting some pretty hot weather. Day before last, it had reached 109 degrees F on the heat index. The heat index is the "it feels like" temperature, and I pay more attention to that than the actual temperature. 
So, the evening of this 109 day, I'm at the computer and I hear thunder. Oh comes the weather that's been predicted for the past four days. I switch over to NOAA's website and, sure enough, it's almost here.....and a lot of it.
Dress, scurry, batten down, put out the pots for our various leaks, close hatches and port holes.....a normal routine for thunderstorms. Only this time is a little extra. 
Keith's been working on a new dinghy topside. He's now bringing down every power tool he has....with cases. And all materials that can't get wet. room. So, it's piled on the floor in the galley. Uh oh. Now, I can't get in to make the porridge. Well, I'll think of something for tomorrow's breakfast. Adapting, changing, doin''s the nautical way.
Even though the weather was to improve by morning, it actually didn't improve until early afternoon. 
Breakfast was a bottle of water, and I didn't get my vitamin pill until lunch (which was about 1/2 cup of tuna mix - no bread - and some fruit). 
Fortunately, by dinner, all was well. The cabin was back to normal, and we had the last of the chicken breasts with Spanish Rice Rice-a-Roni (1/2 cup), and summer crisp corn. Well, I thought it was the last of it, but, as it turned out, we had enough for last night, too....same meal. Only this time, after we ate, I accidentally knocked the left over rice on the floor while cleaning up. Ugh!
So, I finally got the porridge made last night, and tonight will be a new dish - Baja Lasagna from R.S.'s cookbook. 
So, what's my point?
Sometimes, under circumstances not good for meal planning, or it just messes up your plans - adjust, adapt. But always, always keep portion control in mind, even if you have to guesstimate the calories. If you know your food, the guess should be close to reality. 
Adjust. Adapt. But only until the situation gets back to normal.

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