Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Recipe and New Tool

Yesterday, I took a trip to the store. I am slowly (at least it feels like "slowly") adjusting to shopping with weight and health in mind. When I went to pick up the dairy (milk, sour cream, cottage cheese), I immediately and carefully searched for "low fat, non fat, and no fat" on the labels. I avoided just going and grabbing whatever was on my list, and took time to look for healthier and less calorie labels, reading those labels carefully.
It's a start.
We had polished off the Shepherd's pie the night before, so last night I made R.S.'s Tex Mex Tuna Casserole. The two-person vote (Keith and I) was that it will be made again. I might add an extra tablespoon of salsa, though. The flavor that came to the forefront were the green chilies in it. Not heavy, just light. It made 8 servings, so they are divided into the meal prep trays and we will be having it for the next three nights.
I am definitely going to have to find a more accurate scale. I stepped on the one that I used a couple of weeks ago at the market. It can't possibly be accurate, as it showed I supposedly gained 2 pounds. In a week and a half? Dieting? Highly unlikely. I'm fairly certain it's way off, as it is placed in the market that's easily accessible to small children playing on it. Maybe I can find one at the fitness center.
My Deal a Meal program arrived in the mail. I am now using the cards as of today. Even though I have the Food Mover program coming, I find the cards are easier to carry with me when I am out and about. 
Even though I figured on a 2000 cal a day after the 1500 cal a day starter week, the cards for 2000 were way too many for me to lose weight. I decided that the 1600 cal a day deal is better (still giving me plenty of cards to work with), and I'll increase at various levels of weight loss, but not ever going to the 2000 level, unless it becomes obvious that I am losing too much or not eating healthy. 
I had bought everything I need for the Summer Porridge. I will be making them tonight. I wanted to last night, but I was so tired, and my neck and back pain was really giving me fits. I can't wait to try them out tomorrow.
I love my canning jars. I need to buy another set because I do more with them than just Porridges and storing fruit. I am using them to store left over ingredients from recipes, vegies, cheese, Keith's lunch meat, etc. I am trying to replace all the ziploc bags I use to store things in the icebox. 
I also want to use them to store cupboard food, too. 
I know the general rule is no glass on boats, but I am reading more and more about cruisers and liveaboards using glass for food storage. A healthier alternative to plastic, metal, etc. I do need to get the heavier plastic lids as opposed to the metal canning lids. I have read that they hold up better.

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