Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pinterest and Recipes

I love pinterest. I call it the clearinghouse of the Net. You can search for anything on Pinterest and have a gizzlion websites at your fingertips zeroing in on exactly what you're looking for. Love it.
That's why I use it for a weight loss, healthy eat-style tool. Most of everything from my last post came from finding it on Pinterest. Diet, weight loss, healthy recipes, low-calorie recipes, exercise, meal prep containers, summer porridge (aka refrigerator oatmeal or overnight oatmeal), and the list goes on and on. Find a pin, click on the pic to hi-lite, click again to the origin of the pin. There you can find more ideas, info, etc.
There are some recipes that I veer away from that claim low-cal, healthy, or great for losing weight.
First, anything with sugar. Even a little sugar goes a long way with body fat for me. Now, I'm not talking about natural sweeteners, such as pure honey. I'm talking about refined, such as granulated sugar. I also steer clear of confectioner, powdered, etc.
Second, any recipe that takes a weight loss substance, such as protein powders. I'll be more specific. Any program that claims their specially designed (with the "help" of nutritionists worldwide - think Herbalife) protein or weight loss powders added to a recipe will shed the pounds miraculously in a matter of days or weeks. 
A lady I once knew gave me these flavored powder packets and protein powders once. She said she lost weight with them. Okay, she wasn't as big as I was, but if she did lose weight with them, she stopped too soon.  Just sayin'.
Anyway, these packets claim the "scientific" method for losing weight. So, I did try them - once. A half hour after I had added one to my smoothie and drank it, I was in the bathroom (sitting, not standing). It came close to dehydration. Scientific, huh? I threw it all out.
Third is nut butters. Granted there are nuts that are high in protein - but also high in calories. Any thing, like nut butters, that come with a "general rules" list to watch out for, isn't worth my worry. I like the KISS system. Here's a chart for nut butters that I got from wikipedia:

The calorie range in these are about what my snack calorie range equals out to. I don't need these in my recipes as I find so many other good recipes without them. Sometimes, it just has to be handled like a store sale. Why are you buying 10 of the same item on sale if you've never used or will EVER use that item to begin with? It's not a savings if it's not used. It's a waste of money. Same here. You're not losing calories, you're gaining them.
Common sense tells me that I am not going to lose weight with every weight loss claim on the market. I go with what works for me, what makes sense to me. Balancing the nutrition I need with a controlled caloric intake is what works for me.

The past few days, I haven't recorded my food intake. Let me summarize. Breakfasts have been Summer Porridge, followed by water with my daily vitamin. Some of these porridges are quite filling actually. When lunch rolls around, I'm not hungry. However, some do wear off by lunch time, so I'll have a slice of bread with my tuna and either a couple of tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese OR some chunks of watermelon OR about 6 grapes. 
Dinner has been boneless, skinless chicken breasts seasoned with these Grill Maker seasoning packets that a friend sent me. Since our grill on the stern doesn't work right now, I just rubbed the seasoning on the chicken, wrapped them in aluminium foil and cooked them up in the Stove Top Oven. They came out very good. I liked the fact that all the fat juices ended up outside of the foil wrapped chicken into the bottom of the oven container. The chicken was very moist. However, if you heat them up in the microwave, place a wet paper towel over them to retain the moisture. And heat it slowly, maybe 30 seconds at a time. Heating all at once just covered in a dry paper towel will dry it out.
I drink water all day, but I'm still not up to what I should be drinking - 4 eight ounces instead of the 8 eight ounces required. I was just never a big water drinker, so I am struggling a bit with this. 

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