Sunday, May 8, 2016

Yesterday's Progress

So, yesterday, I ate a bit more than I have been eating this past week.
I started with 2 oz of fruit juice and water until lunch at noon-ish. Lunch was tuna on a slice of whole grain bread. I mix the tuna with low cal mayo, a dab of mustard, a chopped onion and celery mix, and a chopped bell pepper (red, yellow, green) mix that I get at the grocery store. The mayo is 2 tblsp or just enough to moisten the tuna (sometimes it's a little under or over). The mustard is in a squirt bottle, so I just do a small squirt or two. The vegies are just enough to color it up here and there. 
With the tuna, I also had two tblsp of no-fat cottage cheese and 3 fairly big chunks of watermelon. These are the bigger chunks that come out of the round plastic containers of pre-cut melon that I get at the store.
I drank water until dinner, which consisted of one boneless, skinless chicken breast that was dredged in a flour poultry seasoning mix, cooked in a frying pan w/low-fat margarine and olive oil (tblsp ea). The chicken was removed and mushrooms and onion (1 cup ea) and a tsp of rosemary were sauted until tender. The vegies were removed and the pan was deglazed with wine, then everything was put back in the pan, spooning the mushroom and onion on top. I laid small slices of mozzarella cheese on top of the chicken and covered the pan for 5 minutes. 
I had a palm size chicken breast, so instead of just having half, as was my original plan, I had the whole. The recipe said 492 cal. I had it with 2 Tbls. of my cottage cheese and 2 oz. of low-fat choco milk. 
I drank water for the rest of the evening until I had one of my pudding cups (80 cal). 
I was basically guesstimating at the calories with some of these items, but I'm pretty sure I stayed within the 1500 cal range. 
I will continue to stick with low cal cooking/meals, until I am fully set up to be more specific on meal planning.

Keith took my "before" photo. I won't post it, though, until I reach my goal and he takes my "after" photo. He's being very supportive - even had the same lunch I did yesterday. He is also being very careful to say "when" and not "if" I lose weight when we talk about it. That is very encouraging to me and helps a lot with motivation. 

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