Friday, May 6, 2016

My Tools

So, this is what I ordered.

This is sectional. It will be enough to portion control a main dish, vegie, and either a grain, starch, or fruit.

These are fairly large at 28 oz, but will be enough to hold fruit, vegie, or something such as a 1/2 a sandwich for on-the-go. I might use them to store fruits and vegies in the coldbox on the boat.

For liquid storage, or to portion control storage of smoothies, oatmeal, fruit, etc. for breakfast. Good for shake mixing, too. Store a variety of chopped vegies, and at breakfast time, add one egg and shake and pour.

 A staple item in my tools.

I've never used this program before, so I will need to view and adapt when I get it.

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