Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Loose Skin?

My internet research on losing weight, and healthy eating led me to something I had never heard of before in my life. Loose skin.
What the blazes is loose skin?
Allegedly, loose skin is what you get for all your eat-style changes, weight loss, etc. etc.
How nice.
But there was one thing that bothered me in all of the photo's of people with "loose skin".
They still looked "fat".
If you listen to the doctors, the ONLY way to get rid of "loose skin" is to have surgery. Ooooo, more money in their pocket. 
Sorry, sounds like a racket to me. You must lose weight, they say. Gastric bypass or any other high cost surgical procedure is what you need (more money). Oh, now you've lost it too fast and the skin is not toning to the loss. Now, they say to have surgery to remove the "excess" skin. More money - for them.
Look, common sense tells me to lose weight slowly. Common sense tells me to eat healthy (uh, that's food that's good for the body). 
Common sense tells me that while I am losing weight to take care of the body - inside and out. That includes hair, nails, eyes, and skin.
For healthy skin limit sun exposure, drink plenty of water, increase your vitamin E intake (and/or use skin creams with vitamin E added), increase your vitamin C intake, too. Definitely eat fruits and vegies. And exercise. Lose weight gradually and exercise that skin. Focus a portion of your exercise that pertains to thighs, stomach, upper arms. 
I only see this whole "loose skin" worry as something concocted by doctors for more money out of your pocket - and into their pocket. 
Skin is actually thin. The photo's that I see claiming "loose skin" is just plain fat.
If you reach your weight goal and you see "loose skin", stay on your eat-style program. Lose some more. It's fat you're seeing. Not "loose skin".
Last week, Aunty Acid (from Facebook) posted about a couple from Michigan who, combined, weighed 704 lbs. The article was a little confusing. They met in 2013. At the time, he had already lost 72 of his original 420 lbs. She weighed in at 282. They each already had a tummy tuck to remove the "loose skin", but it wasn't enough. They had a GoFundMe page to raise the 8000 dollars it would take to pay for another tummy tuck for both of them. 
One part of the article stated that to help lose the weight they took long walks and rode bikes.
(I don't know about y'all, but I tried riding my bike last year. I had a difficult time of it, and when I saw my reflection - my first thought was a cartoon hippo on a bike at the circus. I quit riding).
Later in the article, the woman said that she noticed the "loose skin" kept slapping her as she tried to do her sit-ups.
Honey, that "loose skin" is fat.
A tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery to get rid of fat (and, now, they've added the "loose skin" angle). It is losing weight quickly, similar to crash diets. Your skin has not adapted to the missing fat. And as fast as it was removed, the skin will not ever adapt to it. It disappeared too fast.
I can almost bet that they were only focusing on losing weight as fast as possible, and not on the other aspects of their body i.e., skin, hair, nails.
Oh, and their photo's of "loose skin"? It was quite obvious that it was pockets of fat that they still needed to lose.
Losing weight is more than just shedding fat. And the body is made up of more than just size.
Pay attention. Use common sense. Take your time. And treat your whole body, not just the size of it.

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