Friday, May 27, 2016

Using eReaders for Weight Loss

This is a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon, similar to the one that I purchased last year.
I bought it because living on a boat does not afford me a huge bookcase full of books. And I've never lived anywhere that I didn't have some type of bookcase without a minimum of three shelves of reading materials.
Little did I know when I bought my e-reader that it would come in handy for cookbooks. And not just any cookbooks (although I do have a select number of various cookbooks), but cookbooks geared toward health and weight loss.
A few of these books I bought at very reasonable prices (99 cents to 4.99), but I often scour Amazon's Kindle Store for free books. It's amazing the number of free books you can order. I have diet cookbooks, juicing cookbooks, smoothie cookbooks, etc.
Now, reading recipes from a Kindle can get a bit difficult. I have Kindle on my laptop, too. And whether on my e-reader or my laptop, I can bookmark the pages with recipes that interest me. I can either write them down or display them on my laptop as I'm cooking.
And, once everything is cooking, and I have a few minutes to spare, I switch over to my favorite book and read.

I've been doing fairly well with my eat-style program. I say fairly well because, although I'm keeping my calorie intake well below 1800 calories, and I'm staying away from soda, sweets, and the like; I'm having a bit of trouble getting lunch included in my program. This makes my calorie intake too low, and I am losing too fast.
I have my porridge in the morning, followed by water and vitamins. Then I get so busy with computer work that when I finally "look up", it's getting close to dinner time. I need a time management adjustment, I think.
We finished off the rest of the Turkey Meatloaf last night. Keith and I both agreed that it was our least favorite, so far. I will make it again as it cooked up wonderfully in the Stove Top Oven, but I will be adding more spices to it. Ground turkey is very, very bland. The only way to eat it is to spice the heck out of it.
I'll be heading to shore for shower and store shortly. Until I decide on another new recipe, I'll just be getting some boneless, skinless chicken breasts and season them up. 
I've been having the Mandarin Orange porridge for the past week. Since Keith picked up another bag of frozen blueberries, I'll be switching over to the Maple Blueberry porridge. Our favorite.
And I'm hoping to get those lunches back in gear, too, and trying out new recipes for that.
This month will be the start of the fitness center, too.

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