Friday, May 6, 2016

A Brand New Start - Again

Starting this again. At least I'm consistent in my attempts to lose weight. 
At the beginning of the week, my DH (this is how women who sail refer to their significant other) inadvertently insulted me on my weight. 
It hurt my feelings.
So, after a short period of depression (an a night of silent treatment to DH), I got mad. When I get mad I take action.
I got online and google searched Richard Simmons Cookbook. The original cookbook. I had it years ago, and liked the recipes. I found one on ebay and ordered it. 
I could not find his original Deal A Meal program (which I also had years ago), but I did find his Food Mover program. That will dofer. I ordered that, too.
My nephew had a post on FB where he was joking about his #mealplan. So, I checked that out. I found portion-controlled containers on Amazon for make ahead meals. I bought a couple of sets of those with some canning jars with lids. The jars are for make ahead smoothies, storage, and shake mixing ingredients.
Since I have to wait for all of this to be delivered (I was too pumped up to wait to start controlling my eating), I decided a fast of just water would be good. 
I fasted for two days, cleaning out my system pretty well. I got online and managed to find a couple of Richard's recipes, and one other that sounded good.
Grocery store trip consisted of fruits, vegies, boneless and skinless chicken breasts, ground turkey, canned tuna in water, a giant package of bottled water. Absolutely NO processed foods, soda, alcohol, candy, cake, cookies, or other snack foods of that type. 
I also weighed myself on the scale while there.
245 lbs.
My BMI with my body type (large) means I have to lose 100 lbs.
So, I got started. 
First, beverages. 
I always have a drink in front of me. Always.
It used to be Sprite......or a beer......or a Wahoo (Rum, Amaretto, Pineapple Juice, on the rocks).
Now, it's water. Once or twice a week, in the morning, it could be 2-4 oz of lowfat Choco milk (I haven't done 4 yet, just 2. I am waiting for a significant weight loss for 4). 
Morning, or evening, it could be 2 oz of 100% fruit juice. Mostly, it's water.
I am getting used to carrying water with me every where I go, too. 
Living on a boat, I carry a fairly good size tote bag with all items sorted in ziplock bags. I put one or two bottles in cold and don't worry about it getting my bag contents wet at all.
If I get hunger pains, I'll grab about 6 grapes.....or a couple slices of Mango or orange slices. Late night might be several chunks of watermelon.
So far, lunch and/or dinner had consisted of one slice of bread with a tuna mix of just low cal mayo and small bits of onion and celery, or bell pepper, a dab of mustard, and lightly seasoned with the No Salt Mrs. Dash. I switch bread slices from whole grain with the Italian pre-sliced loaf as the whole grain is actually more cals than the Italian. I just want the grain benefit from the whole grain bread.
I also add two tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese and a couple pieces of fruit (see above) to the plate.

This is not my permanent diet plan. When all of my orders arrive, I will be able to plan, prepare, and utilize everything into a better and healthier way to lose weight. 

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