Wednesday, May 11, 2016

As Luck Would Have It.......

I am getting 3 lbs. of Chia Seeds from a friend on fb. She's sending them to me. I was raving about wanting to try the Summer Porridge (Oatmeal breakfast I mentioned in the previous post), and I posted a link to another blog about them. She got a hold of me and said she couldn't use that much. She sent them yesterday. 
So about that blog I ran across. After watching vaious YouTube Videos on making Summer Porridge (love that name; better than Oatmeal Breakfast whatever), I couldn't find anything that mentioned how many calories were in them. So, I did a Google search and found this blog that gave at least 12 different recipes for the Porridge - all within the 275 or less calorie range. 
If these are as good as they look, I have found me my breakfast for weight loss. Has that been a hassle? Yes, it has.
I don't like grapefruit. In fact, every time I think of it, it makes me gag. Years ago, that was a diet breakfast staple. Ugh!
I tried breakfast smoothies, but most called for a tablespoon of peanut butter. They were good, but I can just look at a jar of peanut butter and gain weight. I will be getting PB2, though, and try that out. 
But these summer porridge recipes - low fat, good protein, a little high on the carbs, low calorie. They are right up my alley. And I can get my chia seed intake without a hassle. 
I wonder if it's cool to post a link of a blog on a blog? I'm really stoked about trying these out. Here's the link:

Until I test out the PB2, I'll try every one of them except the ones that call for peanut butter and cranberries (I'm not a big fan of cranberries, either). 

So, a recap on my food intake:
Night before last was the same as the night before that: serving of Shepherds Pie, 2 tblsp of non-fat cottage cheese and some grapes and watermelon chunks. Last night was ditto, but instead of watermelon, I had 3 orange slices.
I had a half an orange for breakfast yesterday, and you know what I noticed? I ended up hungry about an hour later. I really wasn't hungry when I had the orange, but I could definitely feel it afterwards. I've had other food do that to me, too. I will have to make notes on what does this.
For lunch, the tuna I had made a few days before went bad, so I mixed up a small can of tuna with some low fat mayo and ate it right out of the bowl. 
Apparently, it wasn't the tuna that had gone bad, but the trinity mix vegies I had in it. I had taken a spoonful of it, and it was "Ugh". I spit it out and drank a small cup of low fat milk to get rid of the taste.
I am expecting the mail from Texas to arrive either today or tomorrow. It will have my diet program and recipe book, so I can start planning some variety in the menu. The chia seeds should be here on Friday, and I expect the original Deal A Meal program to arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

I know one thing. I am ordering more canning jars. They are great for storage in the ice box and cupboards. 

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