Sunday, August 4, 2013

I like Hummus

It will be slow going before I fully incorporate a healthier diet. We live on a boat and are in the middle of a cruise down the Gulf Coast of Florida. Currently, we are just west of the Big Bend area of the coast and will probably be here for a couple more months. But, not having a car, trips to the grocery store are by bicycle only....which only Keith rides at the moment, and he can only carry so much.
Yesterday, I had him pick up some Hummus. Today, he had to pick up items for dinner tonight and for tomorrow. When I use the slow cooker, all the ingredients needs to be purchased the day before I make it. So, today's trip to the store was only for the next two nights of dinner.
However, he will go to the store in the morning and pick up my ingredients for smoothies and tuna mix. This will cover breakfast and lunch for the next couple of days, starting tomorrow. They are currently selling watermelons on the porch here at the marina, so he will get a watermelon, also. It's one of my favorite snacking fruits. Watermelon, to me, is like Dorito's - you can't eat just one chunk. 
So, today, I had hummus for the first time - Sabra's Classic. I actually liked it. I can't wait to try the different flavors to find my favorite.

So, today's food intake consisted of:

2 plastic cups of whole milk - abt. 146 cal.
Keith hasn't bought the Vanilla Almond Milk yet, so I resorted to the milk we had on hand.
4 Saltine crackers with Hummus spread on them - about 144 cal.
I will be looking for an alternative for the saltines.
3 taco's consisting of ground round (85% Lean/15% fat) with taco seasoning, small Mission corn tortilla's, Kraft Shredded Mexican Style 4 cheese with 2% milk, and Pace Chunky Picante Sauce and about 1/2 cup of Rosarita Fat-Free Refried Beans. I figured the measurements were apprx.
- 609 cal.
I probably will be cutting the taco intake down to 2 taco's the next time, depending on what I've eaten earlier in the day.
Essentially, I've only taken in about 899 calories today. 
This will change as the days go on. As far as calories are concerned, I'd like to stay in the 1500-2000 calorie range per day. This will create a slower weight loss, but it will also result in keeping the weight off compared to a quick weight loss in a shorter period of time.

In the meantime, today wasn't a good day from support on this endeavor from Keith. Changing eating habits result in changes in the food bill, and with us saving money for our sail kitty to continue the cruise, it will result in more money to the food bill and less for the sail kitty. I think that's where keith's mindset was when I woke up from falling asleep, again, this afternoon. 
I had woke up and gave him my grocery list consisting of items for my smoothies, dinner for tonight and tomorrow, and my tuna mix. He looked it over and told me that he "didn't think this "thing" I was doing was going to work". 
I hadn't even really started it yet, and he's already giving me negatives on it. Needless to say, this caused hurt (support in the "household" is really important for an endeavor such as this), which caused anger and giving short, curt answers and replies to everything he said for a few hours. 
It only lasted a few hours because, after thinking about it, I knew I had the support of my daughter and he's just going to have to get use to it because we can't continue this sailing journey until my health improves. So, suck it up Keith. It is what it is.
Tomorrow, he will go to the store and get the rest of the stuff on the list, so I should be having my first healthy smoothie for breakfast.

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