Thursday, August 15, 2013

Food Diary August 14th

PBB Smoothie 
I had to use the rest of the Pure Almond Milk (about 8 oz.) and start with the Chocolate Almond Milk. This area has a crazy local grocery store and it seems they never stalk the same thing twice in one month. They still don't have any hummus and I'm now out of it. The only Almond Milk they had was the chocolate - 30 calories more than the Pure or Vanilla Almond Milk.

I had a late lunch of
Greek Yogurt w/pineapple and the last of the hummus on crackers (about 10 or 11 crackers).

I had a 2 hour nap from about 6-8 pm as Keith was on the marina porch with his sewing machine doing a job for a fellow cruiser.

For dinner:
1/2 glass Choco Almond Milk
Probably about 2 servings of leftover Corned beef drizzled with Spicy Brown Mustard
Green Beans w/ CC Whipped Spread and Mrs. Dash
Mustard Potato Salad - about 1 cup.
A slice of Italian Bread with CC Whipped Spread.

Yes, I know - heavy dinner. I guess I was a little hungry.Keith claims the store doesn't carry any Potato Bread and he won't buy any kind of whole wheat as he doesn't like it. And I don't like Rye.
I asked him to get a side dish for the leftover Corned Beef and he came back with the Potato Salad.  
I made an attempt to minimize, but I was hungry. That was probably a good 1000-1200 calorie dinner. 

I fell asleep just a little after 10 pm and woke up at 4:30 am this morning.

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