Monday, August 5, 2013

First Smoothie and Food Diary

I had my first smoothie this morning and loved it. It was a peanut butter banana smoothie and it was so good and refreshing that I drank it down a bit too fast and ended up with a slight, short-lived tummy ache. Oh, I put the drink down in=between sips (I used a straw), but no sooner did I put it down when I would pick it up again 2 seconds later.

So, for breakfast I had the smoothie - abt. 303 cal.
Tomorrow I may add another Tblsp. (I only used one today) of Peanut Butter. Even though I blended it weel, a glob of it clung to the side of the blender cup.

For lunch I had:
6 oz. Chobani Greek Yougurt w/ pineapple 160 cal.
and 4 saltines w/ hummus - same cal. as yesterday.

For dinner:
abt. 3 oz of pork tenderloin in cream of celery gravy. abt. 314 cal.
The Cream of Celery gravy consisted only of cream of celery condensed soup mixed w/ a can
of water. It was flavored lightly with garlic powder and minced onion. The tenderloin was seasoned w/ salt and perpper. I did a lighter salt than previous times.
Boil in a bag white rice - 1/4 cup. w/ a couple tblsp. of the gravy on it. No butter.
If I can get Keith to get the correct items at the store, this would've been 1/4 cup wild or brown rice. 
About 2 cups of corn for a vegie., lightly buttered (and I mean lightly) with Country Crock Spread.
A slice of white bread w/ a little less than a tblsp. of Country Crock Whipped Spread.
Keith said the store was out of Potato bread, so he brought home white - again.

For a snack between lunch and dinner, I had a bowl of watermelon chunks. Very refreshing and tasty. I love watermelon!

So, for day two, I think I have improved my diet. I could improve no white bread or white rice, but it was all we had for now.  I can also cut down on the butter spread. 
But I know I'm seeing some result on energy. I did not feel fatigued today, even though my sleep hours are still off and I went to sleep at 1:30 and woke up at 5 am.  However, I did not feel the need for a nap until about 5 pm. So, I still working on getting my sleep hours back to normal.

I am actually looking forward to my smoothie in the morning.

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