Monday, August 12, 2013

Food Diary - August 10th

Well, our slip neighbors left and now I am back on the porch of the marina for a wifi signal. Our slip neighbors had an excellent signal boost and I could be inside our boat, work on the computer, take care of the animals as needed and watch dinner in the slow cooker.....and enjoy the boat a/c.
So, what it means for this blog is I will be updating during the late morning the FOLLOWING day.
This is only while we are here - until we cast the lines for South Florida - beginning of September or later on in October.

So, my food intake for the 11th -

Breakfast - PBB Smoothie

Lunch - just Greek Yogurt w/ pearhes. 

Dinner - two bbq pork ribs and water.

Yesterday was not a good day. I fell asleep in the morning after putting the ribs in the slow cooker and, again, about 5:30 pm. Keith was NOT happy with me falling asleep right before the ribs were done. He finally got me up at 8 pm after several tries waking me up. We ate about 8:45 pm.

I fell asleep again at 11 pm and woke up at 2:33 am this morning. I've been awake since then.

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