Saturday, June 11, 2016

Taking It a Day at a Time

Seems that with heat and humidity, it almost always is accompanied by negative - irritation, sleeplessness, stuff breaking or breaking down, etc.
That's what it's been like the past couple of days. 
I've been awake all night and have been sleeping during the day when we can turn on the generator for the a/c without disturbing our neighbors. The gen can be a little loud. Still trying to figure out our fresh water problems, too. We put water in the starboard tank this time as we always put it in the port tank. So far, it seems to be working fine, so whatever the problem, it has to do with the port tank. 
We've also had a couple of other electronic things break down, too. And I've been fighting with my internet connection more than using it lately.
It's enough to drive a person straight to comfort food.
But I didn't. I had my hissie fits, but I didn't resort to my favorite fattening foods or soda's.
When I decided on changing my eat-style habits, I had just bought a 2 liter bottle of orange soda. As I said before, I was never without a cup of soda with ice. It has now been two months, and it is still sitting on the boat. I finally handed it to my DH and told him to take it to shore and give it to someone. It's not that its tempting. Actually, I haven't been tempted at all. I just hate to see money go to waste, and I would prefer not to throw it away. 
But irritation, bad mood, not feeling quite right is a powerful position for temptation to just say 'screw it all. I'm going to eat what I want". 
I don't cater to it. My resolve is stronger. At least, right now it is. I can see, and feel, the weight loss already. 

We finished up the Baja lasagna, so I just simply made skinless, boneless chicken breasts rubbed with packaged Italian seasoning, low fat cottage cheese with watermelon pieces. Tonight, I'll add some seasoned corn. The final night, I'll do up some Spanish rice to go with it. 
I got about 30 new free Kindle cookbooks from Amazon a few days ago. I'll be looking through those for appropriate recipes. All are low fat, weight loss, or low carb cookbooks. I'm sure I'll find something.
I made all choco peanut butter porridge last round, so I think I'll switch to Apple Cinnamon next round. Variety, you know.
I've got a challenge coming this week, too, as my daughter is visiting the Keys and we will be getting together for lunch at some point during the week. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how I do with this challenge. I rarely get out and about, so it will be interesting. Since we are both on our own dieting program, and we support one another, it will be great that we can be together and keep each other on track for an afternoon.

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