Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Depression and Weight Loss - Not the Way You Think


I read this article today. It's a good article, too. It gives one path on the correlation between depression and losing weight.
It does address the connection of depression with gaining weight, and it addresses the connection of depression with losing weight.
I want to address the connection of losing weight and depression. What's the difference, you say?
Well, the weight loss or weight gain in the first two are the result of experiencing depression. In the third, it is the weight loss that creates the depression.
What? Now I have to deal with depression while dieting?
Well, yes. It's actually one of the things that makes it so difficult to lose weight. Let me 'splain.
Anytime a person changes something about them, such as dieting, that changes the internal body, there will be some depression involved. The changes in the physiology of the body triggers changes in the mental processes of the mind. As the body adjusts to not being fed all of the unhealthy food, and takes in all the good nutrients that it requires but was lacking before the eat-style change, the mental mind is also reacting to this adjustment. We call it cravings.
Depression sets in when the mind responds to these cravings by either giving in or not giving in to them. If one gives in to the cravings, a depression sets in with feelings of failure or weakness in their resolve to changing their eat-style habits. If one does not give in to the cravings, it becomes a resentment of limitations that was never there before due, basically, to eating whatever they desire. It's a Catch-22, really.
But there are ways to deal with it. Since, I have been going through this type of depression the past week, I have not given in to the cravings. But I have been resentful while watching my DH plow down the cookies, chips, popcorn, candy, etc. every evening before dinner. Lord, he does it EVERY night. I am also resentful that he does this and still stays thin. I swear, he doesn't gain an ounce.
Okay, so he doesn't gain 20 lbs a month by eating all of this junk. Fine. But, what about his health? What is it doing to his blood sugar levels? What is it doing to his muscles, internal organs, stomach lining, liver, etc? He is experiencing depression more often, waking up with cramps in his legs, has cataracts that require surgery (don't get me wrong, I don't know if there is a connection between cataracts and a poor eat-style regime, but I can't see where it would help), becomes fatigued more often. Some would say that all of these things were due to his age. My DH is in his seventies, but I think age is irrelevant concerning health matters. He comes from a long genetic line of ancestors living into their nineties and beyond. But when you eat unhealthy, all bets are off.
I realized I was getting resentful over someone damaging their health by what they were eating. Am I nuts? Why would I want to go down such a destructive road, too ? 
I'm on a pathway to good health and weighing less. The depression may be there, but it is temporary. The end results will be much more beneficial and rewarding than the end results to giving in to these cravings. And even though others may not physically see it now, when they do it will produce warm fuzzies of encouragement and pride on such success. And, more importantly, I will be in the best physical shape than I've ever been in my life.
When the depression hits, remember it is temporary. Give yourself a break, and pat yourself on the back for your daily accomplishments. The end of the path has a dazzling and beautiful reward at the end of it.

I did my daily morning regime of porridge, vitamins and water. Lunch is still a problem. But it is due to the weather. This has been causing sleepless nights, too, and feeling tired during the day. I actually ended up sleeping all afternoon. But before I did, I cleaned up the nav station desk (which was a disaster). 
We had the servings of the Skinny Cheeseburger Casserole. Before heating it up, I sprinkled some no salt Mrs. Dash, added chopped onions I had found in the icebox, and sprinkled a little more low fat shredded cheddar cheese on top to make it less bland and tastier. It did accomplish that. I served it with low fat cottage cheese (2 tablespoons for me) and watermelon chunks. I also had 4 oz of juice, too.

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