Sunday, September 22, 2013

Still Making Every Attempt

A little longer than planned to update this blog. It is not from lack of interest or quitting my attempt at healthier eating and losing weight. Mainly, it's a change of locations and lousy internet service.
As hard as I thought it was to build and maintain my goals in Carrabelle, it's even more difficult in this new location. The closest store (the closest anything) is 5 or more miles away. Personally, I haven't been or seen anything beyond the marina. 
With the exception of being in a motel of 3-4 days and having to rely on local pizza delivery and C-Store stuff (Junkie's Paradise. That's what I call C-Store's. Only junkie's and stoners think these stores are God's gift to them). Once I was back on the boat, I went back to maintaining my goal of eating better.
I think I've pretty much incorporated regular meals of Smoothies, Greek Yougurt, Hummus for light snacking. I am still working on a minimal dinner (not overindulging with second helpings or extra big servings). 
Also, I have yet to make a Green Monster Smoothie. 

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