Friday, March 10, 2017

Guess My Posts haven't been Posting

Apparently, my last 2 or 3 posts have not posted.....and they weren't saved as drafts either. Oh well, they were short and sweet.
My metabolism has kicked in again....albeit, slowly. I am one pound away from my first goal (200), but that was last week. I am heading out later to do another weigh-in, so I am hoping it shows I've reached my first goal.
If I have, then I am only 3 pounds away from my half-way point.
People keep asking me how I am doing it. 
All I can say is that I've cut out soda, red meat, and sweets, an occasional light beer or two (sometimes, a mimosa or two)....okay, we're talking, maybe, once a month or more here on the alcohol. Essentially, only when we go out or attend an event (which isn't often). I, also, portion control, and do little things like go for a low-cal or fat free product at the grocery store. I look for meal recipes for dinner that are 300-400 calories or under (remember to portion control, too.).
I wake up in the morning and have a glass of 100% (no sugar added) juice. About 11 am to noon, I have a small (not the large tub) Chiboni Vanilla Yogurt peppered with Chia seeds. about 2-3 pm, I have a tuna sandwich (usually on a burger bun spread with low-cal mayo, and solid white tuna on top. Simple, as I'm usually busy doing things in the afternoon. 
Dinner is a low-cal or portioned controlled main dish (usually involves turkey, pork, or chicken) with some kind of vegie (unless the recipe includes the vegie). 
Some of the main dishes include chicken taco's with homemade taco seasoning, or turkey burgers seasoned with Todd Wilbur's Fuddrucker's Copycat Seasoning recipe (See Top Secret website).
Sometimes, I will make a Richard Simmon's recipe (love that Baja Lasgna), or a pork loin roll with vegie's. I always have a glass of low-fat Chocolate milk with dinner, and take one vitamin pill and 2 B12's. We live in an area wher the noseeum's are horrible, and I get bit up. The B12's help keep the bites to a minimum.
So, that's all I'm doing. I think the chia seeds help a lot, too. Love those things!

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